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Steampunk…. Seriously?

In Musings on October 7, 2015 at 12:27

As a newbie to the Steampunk arena, thank you to all those open-minded folk for being newbie-friendly! I look forward to being wildly inaccurate and joyfully creative in this new world of gears, gollums and governors.

Airship Ambassador

by Professor Elemental

Being a grown up is hard. Mortgages, illnesses, car payments, credit card bills, parenting and politics; these are not activities for the faint hearted. So it’s no wonder that all of us seek some kind of escape from time to time. There’s the telly and the computer, sports and video games, a cornucopia of exciting drugs and new sexual combinations- all there to help ease the pressure of modern life. Still, some of us like to go that extra mile; for some of us, it’s not enough, to watch science fiction- we want to be science fiction. Why sit around imagining an outlandish fantasy when you could actually go out and live it for a while, or at least a fair approximation of it?

That, to me, is the joy of Steampunk. To don a metal arm, squeeze into an impossible corset or even just pop on…

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The waiting game

In Musings, Writing on January 29, 2015 at 10:38

Now is the tough part–I sent out my first manuscript and have to wait for the verdict. It’s tough not to check my email five times a day. I think I checked it only twice yesterday… I have two more stories ready to submit If I pry myself away from the mailbox long enough to send those out. Chances are, even if my short story sells, it won’t be enough for that house down payment so I need to bring in the rent money in other ways.

In my case it’s the little eBay reselling company I started last fall. Getting it off the ground has been challenging but I guess that’s the way with all new businesses.  Yet I am determined to turn a profit this year.  To that end, I am putting it out to the universe to reach the sales goal of $1000 for the month of February. A lofty, yet attainable goal. And it gives me an excuseto go to more thrift stores, yard sales and antique shops, all which inspire more stories.  It’s a win-win.

As my mom always says, you can’t win if you don’t play.

Sooner or later, you have to let them go

In Writing on January 19, 2015 at 15:31

It’s true for most things we create.  Sooner or later, a project is done.  It’s not perfect, or ‘The Best That Ever Was;’ still, we’ve worked and polished and tweaked and shaped it into that thing we need to stop playing with, and have to set free.

In my case, it means stop re-writing my stories and start submitting them to websites.

I’ve finished two flash-fiction stories and reworked one short story in the last month while working though Holly Lisle’s “How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck” course.  (I highly recommend any of her courses if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at writing. ) This course was great at breaking me out of a rut.  Before, I tended to write mostly fluff– Mary Sues in a little danger, no one swearing, everybody wins in the end.

yawn.  Not even worth a capital ‘y.’

The Flash Fiction course had me creating new, grittier characters and situations.  At first, I found myself backing away from the ideas that presented themselves, but when I shook off the doubt and allowed the stories to unfold naturally, I had rich, complex stories in a very few words.  Sure, some characters had colorful language, but the apocalypse brings that out in a person…

With any luck, by the end of today, I will have three stories submitted: ‘The Dreaming War,’ ‘Timing,’ and ‘Pure Truth.’

Which gives me ample time to finish my next three stories.

Have fun and write!